50 Life Lessons to Teach Your Son Vol. 1

50 Life Lessons to Teach Your Son Vol. 1

I'm proud to present my first published book: "50 Life Lessons to Teach Your Son Vol 1." I hope this book can assist parents raising boys to become good masculine men, who are successful and assests to their communities.

Please give it look if you have a young boy or young man in mind who may need these lessons.

Any support is love and all feedback is welcome.



Teach your son the lessons he needs to grow into a good man with the tools in this book!

The 50 strategies, tactics, and best practices outlined in this book offer the scaffolding for young boys to grow into healthy, reliable, good men who are an asset to their communities. After all, life is much easier when young people have the tools and knowledge to help them through the tough times and the knowledge to help them avoid potentially devastating mistakes. 

With lessons that teach confidence, awareness, responsibility, accountability, and other invaluable traits found in good men, this book is a blueprint for success and a happy and productive life. 

Help your son become the best man he can be. 

50 Life Lessons to Teach Your Son Vol. 1 covers: 

The Role of Gratitude in our Lives

How to Uncover Your Purpose

The Tips, Tools, and Tactics Successful People Utilize 

The Value of Learning

To take Advantage of Every Opportunity

That 99% of Your Problems are Your Own Fault

Getting Help is A Good Move

Being Honest with Yourself

And so Many Other Invaluable Lessons!

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