200 Push-ups Every Day

200 Push-ups Every Day

Recently I started doing 200 push-ups every day, the beginning of November to be exact. 4 sets of 50, right before lunch. When you break down your muscles you need to rebuild them afterwards. I began this journey for 2 reasons. I want to build a better looking body and get stronger.

Whether I'm wearing are shirt or not, I want to look good. You know how you see guys with the traps ( Trapezius Muscle) poppin' out the top of their shoulders? That's what I want. Nice fitted t-shirt with the pecs showing, that's a good look. Then I pop up at the pool with the guns out, traps out, and six pack out, fresh trunks and a gold rope like "whatup tho"?

The other reason I started doing 200 push-ups every day is because I want to be stronger. Mostly for general purposes, but for some reason I feel I might need extra muscles for the boys in my daughter's future. Like have you seen these teens these days? They look like NFL players! Now hopefully it wont be necessary but I might need to put some young oversize dummy in his place over my baby girl.

Not to mention, my son already has the body I always wanted, and he's 7! What if he gets pissed because he can't use the car one night? I might have to turn into Sting from the WWF in the 80's. But once again, hopefully not.

Anyway, I can see a difference in my chest and my arms. My wife noticed and gave a nice compliment, thanks love. I think I'm stronger too but I'm not sure. Either way I wouldn't test me right now. LOL

The gains and compliments and look is nice, but what I'm most proud of is the consistency. I made a commitment to my body and I've been consistent with it for 30 days. Not the longest time in the world but its a good start. I dropped out of college twice so this is good for me. The push-ups are easy compared to staying consistent and putting in work when you don't feel like it. Now it hasn't been every single day, maybe like 6 out of 7, but it's still a good look. 

What I've learned is that reaching my goals is completely up to me. I'm in control and so are you. If you have a goal, work for it. Period. The only thing stopping you is you. So I'm happy that I made a commitment and I've stuck to it, for 30 days. I know I can make it to 60. 

Keep building and stay focused on your goals.



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